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Now Enrolling & Re-Enrolling for the GAGC Tuition Credit Program
​for the 2020/2021 School Year!


Exciting News! You can now order your GAGC gift cards online.
Check out the links in the "DOWNLOAD" section for our Quick Start Guide as well as our Policies and Procedures. Use the link to the left to access the ONLINE ordering site.

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Completed Forms can be sent to the school office, or scanned and emailed to triciachrist.hga@gmail.com. 


GAGC stands for Guardian Angel Gift Certificates. This program is a fundraiser for HGA Parish. GIft Cards and certificates to over 150 national restaurants and retailers are offered; these businesses, in turn, give to HGA Parish a certain percentage of our gift card sales as a charitable donation. 

Catholic education also benefits from the program because our pastor has agreed to give a certain percentage of the Church's profit back to families to help defray the cost of Catholic school tuition. 



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