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About Us

Our Mission

We, the community of Holy Guardian Angels Regional School, recognize that our mission, embodied in Catholic tradition, is to develop a Christian student focused on loving, respecting, and serving God, self, and others. We strive to achieve high academic standards in an environment which celebrates diversity and creativity in order to nurture open-minded, faith-filled individuals who positively and responsibly contribute to the global community.


Quick Facts

  • Middle States Certified  

  • Approximately 315 students in preschool through eighth grade  

  • Student to teacher ratio 20:1  

  • Two classes of every grade level    

  • Transportation available in most districts  

  • Extended after-care program  

  • All day kindergarten and all day 4-year-old preschool   

  • Integrated technology and STEM Program

  • Pennsylvania state curriculum implemented  

  • All teachers certified, many with Masters degrees  

  • Numerous extracurricular programs and clubs 

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