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Financial Aid


Holy Guardian Angels Regional School has partnered with Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) to determine eligibility for tuition assistance.


To complete the STS Financial Aid Application, please follow these 6 simple steps:  

  1. Click here to access the Holy Guardian Angels Regional School STS financial aid application. If you land on a page that asks you to enter a "School" or "Scholarship Organization Code," please enter code: 20430.

  2. If you do not already have an account with STS, please click on the orange button that says “Create a New Account.”
    If you already have an account with STS, click on “Sign In,” and enter your previously created login and password.*

  3. Create your account.  

  4. Once you create your account, you will be directed to a page that allows you to “Start a New Application.” Be sure you are selecting the proper school year you are seeking assistance for. Note: you may include ALL of your students on one application, even if they attend other private schools.

  5. The application process is 8 steps including the payment step. Each step will save as you advance to the next step. You are able to use the 8-step tool bar across the top of the page to toggle back to a previous step and make any necessary edits. However, please note, once you complete the process of uploading your required financial documents, it will lock the application from all editing. At this point, if any changes would need to be made to the submitting application, you can gladly email STS at support@simpletuitionsolutions.org or call at 717-599-7611, option 1.  

  6. After completing the the payment process, you will be advised as to which financial documents you need to provide STS. You will also be sent an email that outlines what you need to provide, as well as introduce you to the application processor that will be handling the review of your application. Please note: You can simply scan or take a photo of your financial documents and upload them into STS’s system using their convenient upload feature. This is the fastest way to provide STS with your required financial documentation. However, you can also mail the signed copies of your financial documents to STS to the following P.O. Box address:
    Simple Tuition Solutions, LLC, P.O. Box  779 Camp Hill, PA 17001.
    Once your financial documents are uploaded, the system will lock the application from all editing. At this point, if any changes
    would need to be made to the submitting application, you can gladly email STS at support@simpletuitionsolutions.org or call at
    717-599-7611, option 1.  


Finally, once STS has received all of the required financial documentation from you, STS’s application processors will verify the data and review your entire application per Pennsylvania State Law to determine your eligibility for any state programs. You will be notified directly via email upon the completion of this verification/review process. In addition, the results will also be available to your school or any scholarship organization associated with the scholarship.


It is important to note that STS is only contracted to handle the verification and eligibility determination, therefore, DOES NOT have any input, control, or insight into scholarship amounts or when they may be awarded. 


In order to be eligible for financial aid, you must fill out a STS Grant and Aid application in addition to setting up a payment plan.


If you have any questions regarding financial aid , please contact Kelly Prechtl at kelpre@hgaschool.org.