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Our Mission

Holy Guardian Angels Regional School recognizes that its primary mission is to teach the message of Jesus Christ: love of God, love of self, and love of others. 


We believe that our school leads students toward a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ. This provides the children with a truer understanding of their existence and develops a community of faith in an atmosphere permeated with the Gospel spirit of love. We accomplish this within the guidelines of the Catholic Church and the Diocese of Allentown, in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 


Our school strives to develop the total self of each child. All students are recognized for their uniqueness and have the opportunity to reach their potential spiritually, as active loving Christians and academically as creative, critical thinkers. Emotionally, we foster the formation of compassionate, caring individuals. Socially, we emphasize the value and dignity of not only self-respect, but also the value and dignity of all relationships. We encourage an atmosphere of peace and justice within the school community. Physically, we endeavor to nurture a respect for our bodies along with a sense of good sportsmanship. 


In order to ready our students for the challenges of life and to help them become lifelong learners, we promote positive self-images with an emphasis on self-discipline and a sense of social responsibility toward others. 


The school community of Holy Guardian Angels Regional School is committed to the establishment of open lines of communication among parents, students, teachers, administration, and community. This continued effort of cooperation and collaboration encourages unity and support. 


Together we strive to achieve high academic standards in an environment which embodies diversity and creativity in order to nurture open-minded, faith-filled individuals who positively and responsibly contribute to their community. 


Our faith in Jesus is the reason for our school. He is our model and our inspiration.

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