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The Holy Guardian Angels Regional School’s academic program in the elementary years focuses on reading, writing, mathematics, fine motor development and physical, emotional, spiritual and social skills. We emphasize language, listening and literacy skills. Our students develop early skills through engaging and hands-on student-centered learning activities. Guided reading and guided math are implemented to Differentiate instruction in the core concept areas target the needs of each student. 


Students become fluent readers with strong phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills using both fiction and non-fiction text. Our students become confident writers with solid language, research, and grammar skills. Students become curious thinkers when they spend time exploring citizenship, community, and current events from where they live in during social studies along with physical, earth, space and life sciences, art, music and physical education/health. Through the use of Chrome devices and other technology are integrated to enhance our academic program. Study skills and personal organization are reinforced in every activity that is performed at HGA.

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